Liberty Rose


Class Model Photos

 Spring Bunny Mat


Needfuls Wool Book


 Gatherings Mat


October, November & December 2015

Class Models  



















July, August & September 2015

Class Models 

Back to School Needle Keeper 




Busy Bee Stitchery Project Notebook


 "For the Bees" Wool Mat


Watermelon Wool Mat



Watermelon & Shoofly Quilt

Melon Patch Runner

Sewing Caddy 



May/June 2015 Models

Christmas Mice Embroidery BOM 


Garden Girls Paper Piecing


Ashley's Journey Quilt 


Garden Party Fabric Book BOM



February/March 2015

Class Models

 Cauliflower Cookbook


 Log Cabin Quilt


 Blooms & Bees (not quite finished yet!)




January 2015 Class Models

 This is a Christmas jelly roll quilt that I did.  This was actually my first attempt.  When you see the quilt in person, you will see how big it is!

 This is a sideways view of the jelly roll quilt I made my husband.  It is a little longer than the normal size jelly roll quilt to accommodate his long body! 

Happy Birthday Party

Remember, these models are a surprise.  You have to come to class and see what they are.  We all need a little surprise in our lives!!



September thru December

Class Models


Paper Pieced Pumpkins


Pumpkin Pincushions


Fabric Cutting 101


Churn Dash the Day Away....


 Applique 1.0 sideways!  No matter what I did this picture kept going sideways.  So please tilt  your heads and enjoy the beautiful tree!!


Applique 2.0


 Seven Santas


Old Wool Mittens



Out for a Sleigh Ride


Wool Bird Ornaments



June, July & August Class Models

Uncle Sam Pincushion

Sideways Fabric Covered Journal (dang computers and my lack of how to fix things)..........

Scrappy Penny Mat

Sideways Thanksgiving Quilt (I'm sorry)

Hexagon Table Mat

Crazy 8 Quilt

Little Red Wagon