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Secret Stitching Society

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Saturday November 18, 2017 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
This special super-secret stitching society group is all because of something that I have seen on Pinterest for a couple of years and couldn?t find a source for the pieces I saw. Therefore I am calling it secret since it seemed like a secret because I couldn?t track down the originator. Well, now I have found the creative juices behind the stitching society and can?t wait to share this fun adventure with you. We will be working with wool to create fun and sometimes whimsical wool hexagon shapes. The person who created this project put her hexagons all into a large quilt that was just awesome to study. She also created many different patterns using the hexagons and incorporated fun embroidery designs when appropriate. Let me see if I can explain this project to you in not too many words that will make you fall in love with it just as I have. We will meet once a month and you will be given a set of drawings for that month that would be used to create the wool hexagon designs. You will also receive embroidery cards where you would learn new embroidery stitches each month. You will also receive a new recipe to enjoy each month. And you will be given a full size pattern each month to create a project such as a needle keeper, binder cover, mantle cloth, ornaments and many more fun projects incorporating some of the hexagons that you have created. Along the way there will also be ?lessons? on needles, pins, samplers, and many other interesting sewing related topics. So you will be receiving lots of fun information and projects to work on each month. I will be providing lots of wool scraps for you to play with for each of your blocks. Those of you that come here often know I have a ginormous (NEW!!) trash can filled to the brim with wool scraps. I will also be providing the background wools for your hexagons. These will be varied in colors throughout the year so we will end up with a scrappier and more interesting quilt design. Are you excited yet???!!! The photos that I?m sharing in this newsletter are just a sampling of the many designs that are going to be offered. Each month you will receive 15 designs to applique to your hexagons. That?s 180 fun designs to play with!! Each hexagon is roughly 6? x 6?. Now are you excited?!! If you love handwork, wool, embroidery and easy to finish projects, then this is the group you want to join. I will start out with two weekday groups and one weekend group and see where we end up. I hope you?ll want to come and play in wool with me! The cost per month will be $25 and will cover everything I listed above?..15 new designs, full size project pattern, recipe, embroidery cards and wool to make projects. That?s every month so much woolie goodness!!! Oh, and a couple plastic templates for your hexagon shapes. And some ?sewing lessons? also. Because of all we need to do in each class, we will pretty much need the whole day. So classes will be 10am-4pm. And being on time will be important since there will be so much to get done and you don?t want to miss out on anything!! Dates: (You would pick one group to join) Group A: September 13, October 11, November 8, December 13 Group B: September 3, October 28, November 18, December 16 Cost: $25 per month